Diamond Body 36 30ml 3years durability

Diamond Body 36 30ml 3years durability

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Intense Candy Apple Shine and Slick Feel

Diamond Body 36 is a 3 year coating offering an ultra-smooth feel, amazing gloss and long-lasting hydrophobicity repelling oil, liquid and dirt for three years Your car stays clean longer, is easier to clean and always looks great.

Diamond Body 36 offers many characteristics of professional vehicle coatings yet doesn’t require professional training.

With proper preparation, Diamond Body 36 will yield up to 36 months of hardened, hydrophobic protection while your car exhibits an intense candy apple shine.

  • 3 Years of Hydrophobic Protection
  • Effortless, Single-Layer Application
  • Diamond Hard Scratch Resistance
  • Offers a Slick-Feeling, Intense Candy Apple Shine



  • Apply in temperatures between 10-30C, 50-90F
  • Apply in a closed, well ventilated, indoor area with air humidity not exceeding 70%
  • Use fresh applicators & microfiber towels for application of additional layers (do not use previously used towels)

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 Microfiber Towels
  • 1  Applicator Pad
  • Protective Gloves
  • Diamond Body Prep

Application Tips:

  • Hand polish/buff after application (do not use machine tool).
  • Apply to headlights, rubber and metal trim elements.
  • If applied in a hot climate (over 30C/90F), lower flashing time to 3-5 min.
  • As the solvent evaporates, the painted surface will haze. This indicates that the car has absorbed the coating and is ready for buffing to remove excess material.
  • Use an additional light source to control your work when polishing treated surfaces.


  • Wash, polish and treat the car body with Diamond Body Prep.
  • Shake Diamond Body 36 well for 15 seconds.
  • Place 15 drops on an applicator and apply to 3-4 elements of the car in a crosshatch fashion.
  • Wait 10-15 mins and polish off the excess with a microfiber towel then buff to an intense candy apple shine!
  • The car is ready to drive away!

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