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    SONAX Australia: Car Care Products, Car Detailing. Sonax has been a leading brand in the car detailing industry producing high-quality car care products for over 65 years. Sonax's commitment to quality is evident in their partnerships with leading car manufacturers, dealerships, and detailers around the world.

    Experience the Sonax difference for yourself and see why we they are the trusted choice for car detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike.

    "Sonax products are a must-have for any car enthusiast. They deliver exceptional results every time." - John F.

    72 products
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    Clear Glass
    Alpha Details - SONAX_ClayDisc_150mm_Main_1024x1024-(1)
    Sonax Clay Disc 150
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    Application Sponge
    SONAX P-Ball
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    SONAX Rim Brush
    Alpha Details - SONAX_PolishingCloths_Main_1024x1024-(1)
    Polishing Cloths
    Alpha Details – SONAX_Spray+seal_Main_1024x1024-(1)
    XTREME Spray+Seal
    Alpha Details - SONAX_MetalPolish_Main_1024x1024-(1)
    XTREME Metal Polish