Hybrid PPF and Ceramic Coating

Fast becoming a very popular option for many luxury car owners is our Hybrid package of PPF (Paint Protection Film) and Ceramic Coating.

We start with the PPF, also known as Paint Protection Film, which is a clear layer of film around 200 microns thick. It’s not vinyl, in fact it’s a lot thicker and has a self healing layer which is designed to protect your vehicle and not just act as a decorative film effect. PPF protects against stone chips, UV exposure, swirl marks and surface scratches.

Our Process

Our process is to pre-cut all our templates to ensure no blade touches the vehicle. We also tuck in all edges for a seamless finish and to improve the coverage of PPF on the vehicle.

Then for extra protection we apply ceramic coating which is a self healing polymer and silica carbide liquid which is designed to protect your car from UV damage, oxidation, etching and corrosion. Ceramic coating is applied by hand, which means you don’t have any worries about chemicals or tools getting onto the exterior during the application process. The self healing coating only covers part way while it bonds chemically with paint molecules on top; this creates an additional layer that prevents etching as well as helps prevent fading caused by factors like oxidation in sunlight exposure over time (UV rays) all with the added benefit it will enhance gloss on your car!

By choosing to use both PPF and Ceramic Coating you will achieve the ultimate in paint protection and ease of maintenance!