It’s easy to overlook the importance of detailing your cars paint. You might be surprised to also learn that even new cars need a little help. The contaminants and imperfections that are present in car paints can be removed with care, but only if you’re aware they exist at all.

Many car owners think their vehicle has already been sealed off from dirt or grime before it has left the factory or as it is about to leave the showroom or lot, sadly this is rarely true; cars sit outside for months before we first see them so any debris could easily become embedded deep within these surfaces during the time they are stored without anyone knowing about it until well after purchase.

This obviously takes its toll on how your vehicle looks at first glance! Luckily we have ways of removing these distractions and bringing out all those beautiful features in any colour or theme imaginable.

Prices Starting From

Full Detail (interior and exterior) from $600+GST
Exterior and vacuum from $300+GST
Interior only from $250+GST